Appendix C - Installing Desktop Tracker

There are 2 types of installation - Backup and hard disc installation.

Making backups

Each of the four discs should be backed up before use. This is done by repeating the following operation four times, once for each disc.

1. Format a new disc.

2. Insert the Desktop Tracker disc.

3. Press MENU on the floppy disc icon.

4. Select the Backup option.

5. Follow the instructions given.

6. When you have finished, keep the Desktop Tracker disc in a safe place.

As soon as you have backed up all four discs, you are ready to proceed.

Installing on your hard disc

If you want to use Desktop Tracker on your hard disc, then you can do so by just copying the files from the floppy disc, to a relevant area on your hard disc.

It is advisable to keep Desktop Tracker inside a directory on the root of your hard disc. To create a directory, press menu on the filer window, and move to the right of the ”Create directory• option, and type in the directory name (use DeskTrackr, for example). Then go inside the created directory, and drag all the files from the floppies into this directory. The samples discs could be placed in a directory called ”Samples•, and the tunes could be placed in a directory called ”Tunes•, so your completed directory structure could look like :


Samples-> <All the samples>
Tunes-> <All the tunes>
Extras-> <Extra bits 'n bobs>


The application ”!SysMerge• can be used to update your !System folder, if you want to use it. Please refer to the Help option, from the filer menu.