Appendix I - Desktop Tracker modes

Desktop Tracker can be placed into one of several modes. Here is a description of each, and how they can be used.

Play mode

This plays the tune from the top of the current position. It continues, until either the end is reached, or another mode is selected.

Pattern mode

This plays the current pattern over and over again, until another mode is selected. It is useful for testing a small pattern, or a bit you've changed at the end.

Edit mode

This is the mode in which you can change the notes and the effects.

Stop mode

This just stops the tune from playing (if you were). No editing can take place inside this mode, other than the positions.

Record mode

This mode waits for you to press a key, and then plays the pattern repeatedly. Any note you press is recorded on the track, thus enabling you to do a real-time record.

Chord mode

This mode allows chords to be placed at the current point in time. It can only be used when you have got a MIDI interface. Select the correct event and tracks, hold the MIDI keys, and then press space. The selected tracks have the chord recorded on it. If you press too many keys, the top few are ignored; if you do too few, the unused tracks have no information recorded on them.