Pull-out sheets

These sheets have been designed for you to take out and use. They basically describe all the keyboard related functions Desktop Tracker uses. Where effect is mentioned as a mode, this means that the cursor is in the effects part of the editor window.

UpStop, EditMoves the cursor up one line
DownStop, EditMoves the cursor down one line
LeftAllMoves the cursor left a character/note
RightAllMoves the cursor right a character/note
Shift-Up, PgeUpStop, EditMoves the cursor up 8 lines
Shift-Up, PgeUnEffectMoves the event line up 1 line
Shift-Down, PgeDnStop, EditMoves the cursor down 8 lines
Shift-Down, PgeDnEffectMoves the event line down 1 line
Shift-LeftAllMoves left one track
Shift-RightAllMoves right one track
Ctrl-UpStop, EditMoves to the top
Ctrl-DownStop, EditMoves to the bottom
Ctrl-LeftAllMoves to track 1
Ctrl-RightAllMoves to the last track
F1AllDecrement current sample
F2AllIncrement current sample
F3AllSave tune
F4Stop, EditPrevious position
F5Stop, EditNext position
F6AllBlock start
F7AllBlock end
F8EditClear pattern
F9EditClear track
F10EditSet pattern length
F11AllSet stereo position
Shift-F1AllSample 0
Shift-F2AllLast sample
Shift-F3AllSave sample
Shift-F4Stop, EditPosition 0
Shift-F5Stop, EditFinal position
Shift-F6AllDefine track as block
Shift-F7AllUndefine block
Shift-F8AllPlay from start
Shift-F9AllPlay from current position
Shift-F10AllStop tune
Shift-F11EditDisplay tune information
Ctrl-F1EditShift up a line
Ctrl-F2EditShift down a line
Ctrl-F3EditEcho block
Ctrl-F4EditRemove effects
Ctrl-F5EditClear block
Ctrl-F6EditTranspose block
Ctrl-F7EditFade in block
Ctrl-F8EditFade out block
Ctrl-F9EditCopy effects
Ctrl-Shift-F1AllSet play mode
Ctrl-Shift-F2AllSet pattern mode
Ctrl-Shift-F3AllSet edit mode
Ctrl-Shift-F4AllSet stop mode
Ctrl-Shift-F5AllSet record mode
Ctrl-Shift-F6AllSet chord mode
Ctrl-Shift-F10AllClear all
Ctrl-BEditSet pattern length to current line
Ctrl-CEdit Copy block into memory
Ctrl-VEditOverwrite block at cursor from memory
Ctrl-XEditClear block
Ctrl-ZEditUndefine block
CopyEditCopy block (1 track) into memory
Shift-CopyEditCopy block (all tracks) into memory
InsertEditOverwrite block from memory
Shift-InsertEditMerge block from memory
Ctrl-InsertEditInsert position
Ctrl-CopyEditDelete position
TabAllSwitch note/effect window