This is a playing application that allows you to load tunes, and play them. It can also make a list of the tunes you have, and you can play them via a menu option.

When you load !DTTJuke, the following window will appear:

An icon will also appear in the bottom right hand side of the icon bar.

The icons (from left to right) are:

If you press MENU on this window (apart from on the name icon), or the icon on the icon bar, then the following menu will appear:

If you drag a tune onto the window, or the icon, then the play icon is coloured red/orange. This shows you that the tune is playing. If you click on the pause icon, the tune is paused. If you click on the restart icon, the tune starts from the beginning again. If you click on eject, then the tune stops playing, and is removed from memory.

If you want to make a list of your favourite tunes, then load in each tune, one by one, and select the ”add• option in the menu. This will add the tune to those already stored. You can store up to 45 tunes in this fashion.

When you have stored at least 1 tune, then you can use the random play facility (although it's a bit predictable with 1 tune!). If you click on it, then it will load and play a random tune from the list.

If you press MENU on the name icon when you have stored some tunes, it will bring up a list of them, truncated into a more manageable size. For example, the file ”adfs::HardDisc4.$.Tunes.Mine.Fudged• will become called ”...Mine.Fudged•, and the tune ”adfs::16_43_Wed.$.Popcorn• will be ”...$.Popcorn•. Just select the tune you want, and !DTTJuke will load and play it.

If you want to remove a tune, then select it, and click on the ”remove• option in the menu. If you've deleted the tune, then you'll have to use !Edit, and edit the file called ”Tunes• inside the !DTTJuke application.